May 11, 2015: ¡Adios, Amigos!
Unbelievable how fast three weeks can go by! It's been a really great and interesting time here at UAH, but now it's time to go home. So: ¡Hasta luego Alcalá, hasta luego Rafa, y hasta luego cigüeñas!













May 10, 2015: "Y aquí, aquí están los tontos."

Last week I learned how to

On Thursday and Friday, Rafa and I had a real breakthrough in our research. After some setbacks the week before, we had some great ideas and were now able to implement an algorithm that produces amazing results for our polynomials optimization problem - and the algorithm does not run for hours and days, but rather minutes!

So, we had a lot to celebrate! We went to Madrid and Rafa, his wife Bea, and their daughter Little Bea showed us around in their neighborhood. We spent a hot afternoon in the center, went on to Puerta de Toledo, strolled through the park beside Río Manzares, and had a typically Spanish dinner with cervezas and tapas.













May 07, 2015: Talk at Seminario de Física y Matemáticas
This week the time had come for my talk at the department seminar, and I talked about theory and application of evolutionary algorithms. It was great to see that people were interested in what we do!


May 04, 2015: Weekend Trips to Madrid and Ávila
Last weekind, my brother Christoph and Meli visitied us, and Rafa (my host here at UAH) took us and his family to Ávila - what a gorgeous place!





























April 23, 2015: Los Reyes en Alcalá!
Today is World Book Day, and King Felipe and Queen Letizia came to Alcalà de Henares! The reason for their visit was that King Felipe handed over the Cervantes Prize to Juan Goytisolo. Miguel de Cervantes was one of the most famous writers of Spain, and he was born in Alcalá - that’s why this important prize is awarded by the King in the Paraninfo of the University of Alcalá each year.

April 22, 2015: Alcalà de Henares, UAH
I'm a Guest Professor at Universidad de Alcalá, Department for Applied Mathematics, now for the next three weeks!

















April 19, 2015: Madrid