May 21, 2017: Bye bye, Michigan!
It was really great to be here and to attend GPTP, and we're heading home with tons of new ideas and inspirations - and books ;-)







May 20, 2017: GPTP
Yesterday was also a great day at GPTP, and now the final day has come...


May 18, 2017: Yee-haw, GPTP 2017 starts!
As expected, we saw great talks and had very interesting discussions on GP, EAs, deep learning, the future of GP and GPTP, and many other things.






May 17, 2017: Hello, U of M!











May 17, 2017: Bye bye, MSU!








May 16, 2017: Trip to Lake Michigan
Today we went on a trip to Lake Michigan to visit Olive Shores and Holland State Park:






May 15, 2017: Back @ MSU
It's great to be back at Michigan State University!